Please read carefully, while most Americans are suffering from the terrible economy with lots of unemployed and under employed, the fact is the U S now as a whole is richer than ever but the money was shifted up to few hand on the top mostly the wall street people and their multi national corporations and what IS even worse is that these identities are not recycling the money back into the system as they did in the past to create jobs which generate taxes...No money have been invested into the society including schools , small businesses . cities ,counties. And so on to create jobs.

Up to the year 1980 the US had great and very comfortable middle class, but from then on, few people who called themselves economists including Milton Freedman ,Erick Green span ,David Ruben ,and few other took over the U S economy and use their influence and money to sell the American people bill of goods which amounted to what all of us now know as voodoo economics which pretty much destroyed the US economy and with that it put an end to the great middle class the country once enjoyed .

They did that by selling people on what the y called trickle down economy and Reaganomics as mean to create jobs but in fact what happen was exactly the opposite and it destroyed jobs instead but their real intention was to have tax cuts for the wall street and their wealthy friends as well as multi national corporations .

To maximize the profit of the wall street they shutdown factories including the US steel all of consumer electronics companies including R.C.A. ,Zenith , and twenty others, as well as the Automobile companies who were weakened and many went out of business, they allowed foreign companies to take over theses great American companies. They even let Japanese ,Korean, and other foreign companies to use price fixing schemes to make their products more profitable which constituted unfair practice with the American manufactures and most went out of business as result. with that tens of millions of American jobs were lost. They also exported jobs and use the misleading term outsourced, and most of these exported jobs are done by slave labor in China, India, and many other countries. They even went further by firing top experts and scientists who created and made the Silicon valley and bought people mostly from India on Hi and EI2 visa who took over the jobs of the American scientists but work for much less wages. They also coerced the government into international trade like G.A.T. and N.F.T.A. which did lots of harm to the U S economy as well as that of Mexico.

They created the bubble after bubble economy including the saving and loan scandal where millions of Americans lost their life savings. They used all kind of fraud to create the real state bubble that led to millions of Americans to lose their homes and near decimate the US economy.

They have used their casino other wise called the Stock Market to rob the American people of their life time savings, in their planned and periodical crash., many of my friend lost lots of money including Emy Peterson who lost over one half million in the last stock market crash.

The only way to fix the U S economy is to invest all the money back into the society to create millions of living wage jobs and put an end to the monopoly of the wall street